About Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance (UAPA)

Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance (UAPA) is a network of civil society organizations (CSO) that started in 2011, to advocate for regulation to minimize alcohol related harm in Uganda.

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In order to influence the policy environment, UAPA has continued her working relationship with MoH and...


Increasing membership and commitment: UAPA AGM 2019 recruited nine new members; five organizations and four...

Capacity Building
Capacity Building

In 2019, UAPA offered moral, technical and sometime financial support to her members to keep them interested in the...

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Get help about alcahol regulation advocacy to help improve lives
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UAPA Events

2nd Uganda Alcohol Policy Conference (UAPC20)

26th - 27th November 2020

Mobilising Partnerships and Community Action for a Society Free of Alcohol Harm.

Latest Articles

Rising against alcohol harm: So near yet so far for Uganda

For the last three decades, World Health Organisation (WHO) surveys have classified Uganda among the leading alcohol consumers...

Hope as Ugandan Government announces new alcohol control measures
WHO recommends authoritative decisions for preventing and reducing alcohol-related harm – especially...

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